le coup de grâce

hello !!!

My name is Samuel Joubert and I am addicted to good food. It all started a long time ago but in a recap, I always wanted to note down my creations and take pictures of them. Here is the result! Allright, I must admit, I have a granny side that I assume. I love old rusted forks, table cloths that are torn apart and handmade plates with ducks on it. SO WHAT? The important part is to have fun while doing it. I am not a professional chef, far from it. One sure thing, I love adventure and trying new things, especially in the kitchen! This site wouldn’t exist without the precious help of my team, to which I give a lot of credit.

Bon appétit and if I were you, I’d undo my belt right now …

le coup de grâce

my precious team

I present to you my awesome team! I love them from the bottom of my heart. In the smallest jars are the best creams! ''À la bonne franquette'' like we say! AH the leaves are turned around that means it will be raining soon.

mathieu joubert

  • Cameraman Samurai
  • Loves good food
  • Drone pilot
  • Most importantly, my big brother!

Dominic David

  • Social media manager
  • Marathon runner
  • Skilled cook
  • And for my pleasure, a huge fan of beer !!!

charles spina

  • Deluxe Photo Assistant
  • Professionnal taster
  • Sports photographer (charlesspina.com)
  • But mostly, a good friend.

my amazing partners

le coup de grâce's friends

I present some links to websites I really like and that I suggest you visit! They are nice, interesting and discovering them is adopting them!

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