The best host gifts for a Quebec apero

While the holidays may be the perfect time to indulge your generosity, it’s important to remember that entertaining is expensive in 2023 (hello inflation!). What’s more, if you’re a clean-freak like me and cook yourself, the task is enormous. If you’re hosting this year, I wish you the best of luck and don’t forget to think of yourself too. My article is more for you if you’re the one who received an invitation. In order to graciously and locally thank your favorite host, I’m sharing my list of this year’s host gifts.

Sarah Apéro
by Sarah Apéro
The best host gifts for a Quebec apero


This year, it’s my turn to host family and friends at home for the holidays. So, with a clear conscience, I can share my list of host gifts without fear of spoiling the surprise. Since I’m very loyal to the aperitif, you won’t be surprised to learn that these are all drink-related gifts!

To each his own budget, I’ve separated my ideas into 4 price categories: under $20, between $20 and $35, between $35 and $50 and $50 and up.


1.   Pocket cocktails Amour Liquide (6.90$/ conserve)

These are “bar-quality” cocktails, ready to serve. My favorite is the Negroni, and I like it even better with a little Quebec sparkling wine. At this price, you might even be able to afford more than one to offer your host a tasting.


2.  Sarah Apéro’s Duo Cocktail Guide (19$/ duo)

That’s right, I’ve self-plugged into my own article, grand champion! My little winter booklet was all the rage this time last year. So I think the duo could make a super original gift for your host if he likes to make local cocktails. The Winter 2022-2023 guide contains 20 cocktail recipes, including 7 exclusive ones. The Summer 2023 guide contains 22 cocktail recipes, including 15 exclusive ones.


3.  Argiles Rouges wine from Ste-Angélique vineyard (17.85$)

There are so many great local products to give as gifts this holiday season, so why not start with a nice little Quebec vino? This one is super fruity, without being sweet (2g/L). I find aromas of pomegranate and red berries. In my opinion, it’s a sure bet if you bring this bottle to your host for an aperitif.


4.  Mr Cocktail’s alcohol-free Amaretto NOA (29.95$)

Amaretto NOA is without doubt one of my favorite non-alcoholic products. If your host doesn’t drink alcohol, but loves to make cocktails, he or she will love this gift. In fact, your host will find plenty of recipes using Amaretto NOA on the Monsieur Cocktail website.

5.   Aléa Espresso (33.25$)

If you’ve been out and about lately, you’ll know that espresso martinis are as popular as ever this year, and the trend is far from over! In my opinion, to have a self-respecting home bar, you need to have a coffee liqueur, and bonus if your coffee liqueur is Aléa.

6.   Amer Amer Bitter (30.50$)

In my opinion, it’s the best Quebec liqueur there is for making negronis. It’s been two years since Amer Amer voluntarily broke up, and the liqueur is finally back with a new recipe. Imagine your host’s face when you bring him the good news 😉



7.  Cuvée Impériale Whisky honey wine (36.25$)

It’s a honey wine fortified with Canadian Whisky that’s a great aperitif or digestif. Quebec meads are still too little known by Quebecers. You’d be very original to offer this beautiful bottle to your host and introduce him or her to a local gem. This mead, made in Beauharnois, is just as good on the rocks as it is in cocktails.

8.   Crème Isabelle à la Menthe (37.75$)

Isabelle Crème à la menthe is a must-have this season. Whether on the rocks, in a café comique or in a cocktail, it’s a knockout. Les Subversifs struck hard last year with this creamy new version of the classic Isabelle Crème de Menthe. You’ll even be able to suggest to your host that he or she do some comedy shots at the end of the evening 😉

9.   3 Lacs Coffret Découverte Gin (44$)

In terms of host gifts, this is one of the most original. Personally, I’ve already given this gift box to a very close friend of mine, and he was really pleased. A trio of local gin tastings is always a good idea!


In this category, you’ll find more upscale gifts – my luxury category. Maybe you’ll even opt for a group gift for your host, to spoil her just right.

10.  Lao kombucha tea bubbles discovery box (49.98$)

Dans la catégorie des boissons sans alcool, les nouvelles bulles de thé Lao sont vraiment de la bombe. En plus d’être super festives, les bouteilles sont vraiment classes. On est loin de vin mousseux, désalcoolisé et sucré, c’est plutôt comme un thé pétillant, c’est vraiment bon. Ça fera un très beau cadeau pour ton hôte qui ne boit pas d’alcool pour le jour de l’an. La première bouteille contient un thé vert japonais et l’autre contient un thé wulong grillé de Taïwan.

11.  YETI shaker (75$), the ice bucket (195$) and the ice shovel (65$)

If your host likes beautiful, high-quality things and is a bit fancy, give her YETI. Personally, I’ve never seen tools of such quality. The YETI shaker is a three-piece, and MIRACLE: it doesn’t leak! The ice scoop is so sturdy it could be used as a weapon. As for the ice bucket, it’s amazing. I simply can’t get enough of it, and I take it with me wherever I go, because it keeps my ice cubes fresh all day long!

12.  Gin (67.75$) and vodka Menaud (62.75$)

The Menaud distillery crafts all its products from grain to bottle. Their gin and vodka are truly unique and elegant spirits. The gin is made from Charlevoix grains, while the vodka is made from Île aux Coudres wheat and rye.

13.   Domaine Lafrance dry gin(50.50$)

This one really is my favorite Quebec dry gin, and what’s more, it’s 100% Quebec origin. In my opinion, a dry gin is a great gift because you can use it in many types of cocktails. There are notes of spruce and a hint of lemon on the finish.

14.   St-Laurent Acerum 1 an (69.75$)

If your host is tripping on Quebec products, this one is the right choice, because it doesn’t get more local than Acerum. It’s a brandy made from maple syrup that pays tribute to the ancestral traditions of our sugar shacks. Acerum is in the process of becoming a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). There’s Champagne in France, Port in Portugal, Tequila and Mezcal in Mexico, Scotch in Scotland, Pisco in Peru. And finally, there’s Acerum: the spirit from Quebec.

15.  The Équinoxe cider farm holiday gift set (70$)

In the summer of 2022, I discovered a magnificent cider farm: Équinoxe. The owners had just begun an organic transition of the farm, and their crop promised to be super diverse: peaches, cherries, plums, pears, sea buckthorn, saskatoons, aronies and camerises! In addition to their many ciders, I recently discovered that they now produce spirits! Now you can discover them in pretty discovery boxes delivered straight to your door.


If you’re as last-minute as I am, it’s December 25 and the SAQ is already closed… NO PANIC, I’ve got the solution for you. Here are a few places where you can buy a virtual gift card for the aperitif:


Whether you’re a host or a guest this year, I wish you a wonderful holiday season. Don’t forget to drink local and have fun!