8 microbreweries where you eat the best

I thought this article would be easy to write, but it’s not, because there are so many good microbreweries where you eat well! Obviously, I could have named fifty, but I selected eight, based on my personal criteria and their location. For pub and pizza style menus, that will be for a future article! Be careful, most of the dishes mentioned in this article are no longer on the menu, because they are seasonal dishes and on the slate.

by Gabri-Ailes
8 microbreweries where you eat the best


Le Temps d’une Pinte – Trois-Rivières
Definitely in my top 5 of my favorite microbreweries. Impossible not to stop there on the way to Quebec or on the way back. Not to mention their excellent beers, the atmosphere and their magnificent terrace, the food is excellent. Bistronomic, local and seasonal, you will not be disappointed. My favorite dishes and beers:

  • The Scotch egg (smooth egg, homemade sausage meat & parsnip purée);
  • Beef tartare and trout tartare;
  • Puck, cold brew stout;
  • Rosie, florida weisse.

Hopera – Jonquière

I always thought it was a ”simple” pizzeria, but it’s much more than that! Sadly, I never had the opportunity to eat there, but oh how I wish I could teleport myself whenever they share great food on their social media. I know from a reliable source that we eat really well there, in good company.

Isle de Garde – Montréal

The first time I went there was with PA (ipapodcast). He absolutely wanted to eat the 60-day aged burger, available only on Thursdays from 5 p.m. That night I chose the gnocchi and it was DELICIOUS. On the brewing scene, Isle de Garde is a favorite choice, we love to have a drink and have a bite to eat with friends. The proof… it’s always full! My favorite dishes and beers:

  • Fried chicken from Paulette Jean-Marie;
  • Fresh pasta and gnocchi on the slate;
  • Wild Grisette;
  • Rye Double Black IPA.

Mabrasserie – Montréal

MaBrasserie is a Coop Brassicole located in the Rosemont district. Obviously, since my bf works there, I often had the opportunity to test the menu… I admit that I do not need to be asked lol. The chef, Bertrand Giguère, creates fresh and original dishes. Like many on this list, they serve local and fresh produce. So fresh, they only have to cross the street to get their greens! Pssst… they are open every lunchtime.

My favorite dishes and beers:

  • Asian beef gravlax (Bertrand please put that back on the menu!);
  • La Mab Poulet (fried chicken burger);
  • Beef tartare;
  • Svetly Lezak;
  • 3 balles 2 prises with nitrogen.

Sutton Brouerie – Sutton

Sutton Brouerie is a great place to spend a romantic weekend. You will only have to climb a few steps, after having eaten and drunk without limits, to go and lie down in your bed. Indeed, the microbrewery also houses an inn! The best of both worlds. Their cuisine is gourmet, seasonal and local as much as possible.

Griendel – Québec

When I lived in Quebec, we often went to eat there with colleagues. My first memory is a dish of pork belly… oh God. We went back twice a week it was so good! I also tested their veggie pâté, which was to die for. For locals, there’s the Mange Ta Bière festival, which aims to showcase the ingredients of beer in dishes. In collaboration with other restaurants in the city, such as Kraken Cru, Diner St-Sauveur and Verre Pickl… Don’t miss the 2024 edition!

Projet Pilote – Montréal

Much more than a pilot project, without making bad puns, the place is both a microbrewery, a distillery, a cocktail bar and a restaurant. I had the opportunity to eat there a few times, since their opening in 2021. I was very impressed by the quality of the products and the freshness side it is difficult to do better since they have a garden on the roof ! My favorite dishes and alcohols:

  • Triple-cooked fries;
  • Mushroom toast;
  • Their natural wine list;
  • I haven’t tried their brunch yet, but I will fix it.

Noire et Blanche – Saint-Eustache

I have never eaten or even set foot at Noire et Blanche. On the other hand, I have heard several comments concerning their food which make me think that they have 100% their place in this article. From what I’ve been told, their cuisine is bold, seasonal and local. I absolutely have to check it out!

Brasserie Dunham – Dunham

Last, but not least. This is where, for the first time, I tasted sweetbreads. DAMN ! You should know that I do not eat veal, but it was a tasting menu and I am quite adventurous (this will be for a future article? Haha!). In short, on my last visit a brand new restaurant-pub was waiting for me. We tasted some seasonal dishes, market cuisine, and of course it was delicious. Like Sutton, the building houses an inn. Take the opportunity to discover the wines of the region!

I hope I have made your mouth water, have made you want to spend and visit our beautiful Quebec one dish and one beer at a time!