10 poutines to try during Poutine Week 2024

Like every year since 2013, hundreds of canteens and restaurants across Quebec participate in the competition for the best poutine: Poutine Week!

During this week, which will take place from February 1 to 7, 2024, you will have the opportunity to taste all kinds of completely crazy, original and unique poutine. Then you can vote for your favorite via the website: Poutine Week 2024.

So, no more bla bla, here are 10 addresses, in Montreal and Quebec, where you can enjoy poutine during Poutine Week 2024!

Banner photo: Gnocchi poutine – Le Coup de Grâce

by Gabri-Ailes
10 poutines to try during Poutine Week 2024


Simon Cantine Urbaine – 1980

📍Montréal, Hochelaga

💬 You already know I’m sold. Their original poutine is INCREDIBLE, imagine the poutine in the competition! Winner of the 2022 and 2023 editions🥇

« Hamburger steak poutine, demi-glace sauce with foie gras, caramelized onions, lesieur peas, double portion of cheese!! »


crédit : Simon Cantine Urbaine

La Belle Tonki – Mapo-tofu

📍Montréal, Rosemont

💬 Also winner of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions. They greatly deserve their title! 🥇

« Fresh tofu in a Sichuan pepper sauce, chili pepper, fermented soybean, sesame oil and ground chicken, gravy infused with Pho broth, tahini sauce, green onion, roasted sesame, fries, tater tots, cheese curds. »

crédit : La Belle Tonki

Chic Shack – Bulgogi et Kimchi

📍 Québec, Vieux-Québec

💬 My memories are far away, but this canteen is not disappointing!

« Crispy potatoes, homemade Yakitori sauce, fresh daily cheese curds, smoked pulled pork, tangy Kimchi, an umami poached egg, topped with seaweed leaf, green onion and fresh herbs. A unique fusion of Korean and Quebec flavors for an unforgettable poutine. »

crédit : Chic Shack

La Souche – La Coréenne

📍Québec, Limoilou

💬 Mystery poutine Tuesdays were a great classic with my colleagues, take the opportunity to have a good pint! Winner of the 2022 edition 🥇

« Red potato fries, fried pork belly with Korean BBQ sauce, made with honey from our bees and our Misère Noire beer (American stout), marinated red cabbage, jalapeños and fresh cheese curds. »

crédit : La Souche

Pikliz – La OG au griot

📍Montréal, Saint-Henri

💬 The description give you mouthwatering !

« Homemade fries accompanied by tender pieces of fried and shredded pork. Our chef’s special touch, a homemade sauce made with authentic Creole spices, adding an explosion of flavors that will transport you to the heart of the Caribbean. To perfect this culinary masterpiece, we crown it with our signature pikliz, a condiment that harmonizes and elevates each bite. »

crédit : Pikliz

Ibericos – Ibérique

📍Montréal, Time Out Market

💬 Question to prepare myself for my trip to Spain hehe!

« Delicious Spanish poutine with an Iberian touch: crispy fries, melted Manchego cheese, Iberian ham and sauce. »

crédit : Ibericos

Gaspésie Brasserie Gourmande – Homard bang-bang

📍Montréal, Le Central

💬 I could never eat it, but I have the right to dream!

« Wrapped Gaspe Rock lobster claw meat with a crispy breading with 7 Togarashi spices & Pit Caribou white beer. Melting Gochujang cheese topped with a creamy Bang bang sauce. »

For Quebec City, head to La Gaspésienne 51.

crédit : Gaspésie Brasserie Gourmande

MangeDansMonHood – Chill n’ Cheese

📍Montréal, Rosemont

💬 New snack bar, in the basement of La Belle Tonki, which specializes in smash burgers. I can only salivate reading the ingredients of their poutine!

« French fries, cheese curds, California chili made with smashed meatballs, onions, carrots, garlic, chili powder, paprika, tomato paste, pinch of cayenne and all thickened with masa. Toppings: Drizzle of our cheese sauce, grated Tex Mex cheese, onions, Korean chili sprinkle, Cascabella pepper. »

crédit : MangeDansMonHood

Maison Livernois – La migration

📍 Québec, Vieux-Québec

💬 Duck, yum! Winner of the 2022 edition 🥇

« Duck breast, mixture of wild mushrooms, cheese curds, emulsified foie gras sauce. »

crédit : Maison Livernois

Miyagi – Dans l’Ring

📍 Québec, Vieux-Limoilou

💬 That’s always where I went when I lived nearby! Every year, poutine is crazy. In fact, they also won the 2023 edition 🥇

« Poutine in an imperial roll, Saint-Laurent cheese curds, red potato fries, classic sauce and ground beef pork duo. All served on a Poutine Extreme! Pork belly and ground beef in Sloppy Joe sauce, extra creamy traditional coleslaw, sautéed red onions, homemade Kansas-style BBQ sauce, cheese curds, fresh fries, classic sauce. »

crédit : Miyagi

Don’t want to leave the house? No problem ! Here are recipes from our national Sam: Poutine – Le Coup de Grâce

Phew, I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry!! Which one will you try?! Cheers.