Kick ass presentation board

Everybody needs a kick ass presentation board. Perfect to place sausages, cheeses and croutons on the spotlight, it will be the star in the center of your table! Even though the size is smaller than the cutting board, the amount of details makes it longer to create which explains the price. VERY limited quantities!

Technical information : 

  • – Maple and walnut tree wood
  • – Dimensions : 20″ x 6 1/4″
  • – Branded by hand (by myself!!!)
  • – Handmade in Québec by Rigo

Wood care : 

  • – Wash by hand with water and soap
  • – Treat with mineral oil regularly (available at Rona and other stores)
  • – Do NOT soak
  • – Do NOT put in dish washer, otherwise bye bye man
  • – Do NOT put in the oven (really dude?!)
  • – Do NOT eat

***Since I am not a big retailer store, all sales are final and no returns are accepted UNLESS there is a major defective issue with the product.***

59.99$ /ea.

In stock


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